(Foto: Francesco Raffaelli)

I’m journalist and art and photography critic. I was born in 1978 in Milan, where I live and work. I was managing editor of the Giornale del Popolo, a daily newspaper in Lugano (Switzerland), the city where I lived for fourteen years. Since 2012 I have been working for the monthly magazine Tracce.

I write about Art and Photography on Il Foglio, Domani and Aperture.org

I also contributed to ArtForum and Klat. I had a contemporary art blog called NO NAME

I wrote a book-interview with the artist Giovanni Frangi

I curated an Artist’s Book by Andrea Bianconi

Curatorial projects: Family Car Trouble by Gus Powell (Rimini, 20-25 August 2022); Stiamo facendo davvero ciò che conviene? by Antonio Rovaldi (Bellinzona, 15th September – 16th October 2022); Mon cher Abbé Bionaz! Mario Cresci per la Valle d’Aosta (Museo Gamba, Châtillon, 31st March – 18th June 2023)